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Why College? (College and Career Information)

5 Good Reasons to go to Colleg

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5 Good Reasons to go to College:
1. A Better Paying Job: 
On average college graduates earn as much as 65% more than high school graduates. Most students want the best paying job they can get.
2. A More Secure Future: 
Statistics show that people with higher levels of education and advanced training tend to have better job security and stay ahead of unemployment curves.
3. More Choices:
​Most jobs today require specialized training that you can only get in college. That means you will need 1, 2, 4, or more years of education and training after high school to be prepared for jobs in your future.
4. Respect:
​Going to college and earning a certificate, a diploma, or a degree will help you feel better about yourself and also help you gain more responsibility and get promotions at work.
5. Be the first!
​Are you hesitant because no one in your family has gone to college? Start a tradition! Education and training in college can have a positive impact on you and your entire family
For more information on jobs and job prospects in Tooele County, visit the Department of Workforce Service's website here: