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Our school counselors lead small groups comprising of 8-12 students at a time.  Small groups can be an effective way of helping a number of students who all need assistance in a similar area. We will send permission slips home with students who would like to participate in a group.  Please talk with your counselor if you are interested in joining.
Stress Less
The Stress Less Group is designed to help students gain skills to better manage stress and anxiety.  The school counselor facilitating the group will teach you relaxation techniques and skills that will help you to de-stress and reduce anxiety in the short-term.  We meet during lunch so students don't miss any class time.  Any student who wants to join can ask their counselor.
Skills Development
Valley Behavioral Health offers a Skills Development Group at Clarke N. Johnsen.  This group is held on Mondays beginning in March.  During the group, we focus heavily on healthy life skills, including subjects such as exercise, nutrition, substance abuse, self-esteem, making decisions, and stress management.  this group goes on small trips around Tooele to participate in community service projects.  There is no charge for this program, and participation is only accepted upon invitation.
Chick Chat
Chick Chat is a fun group for girls. We meet during lunch so students don't miss any class time. During the group we discuss topics such as friendship, peer pressure, bullying, gossip, self-worth, safe use of media, jealousy, and positive problem solving used from the Dove Confident Me curriculum. It is a very informal and relaxed atmosphere and allows girls to meet and make new friends.
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