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Are you being bullied? Do you see bullying at your school? There are things you can do to keep yourself and the people you know safe from bullying.

If your child feels bullied
  • Focus on your child: Be supportive and gather information.
  • Talk with and LISTEN to your children every day.
  • Be supportive: Tell the child it is not their fault.
  • Be patient: Talking about bullying can be difficult.
  • Contact his or her teacher, counselor, or principal.
  • Explore options: Educate child and discuss options to deal with bullying behavior.
  • Be a good example of kindness and leadership.
Coaching the child who bullied 
  1. Identify the problem
  2. Ask questions and gather further information
  3. Apply consequences
  4. Generate solutions for the future
  5. Follow up
There is a new free mobile app that has been designed by SAMHSA. The KnowBullying app provides parents with tips, conversation starters and warning signs to help parents recognize bullying. To learn more about the KnowBullying app click here
Useful Resources 
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