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Leadership Matters - Climate and Culture, Teach Like a Pirate

At the beginning of each new school year, teachers and staff are treated to a District Opening Day. The event is usually filled with excitement, motivation, and professional learning to set the stage for an incredible year filled with enthusiasm for teaching and high expectations for student learning and achievement.
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We received a SafeUt Tip yesterday that there was a threat at Clarke N. Johnsen Junior High.

We received a SafeUt Tip yesterday that there was a threat at Clarke N. Johnsen Junior High. The Tooele City Police Department began interviewing students last night and after a thorough investigation found that the threat could not be substantiated. As a precautionary measure, we will have law enforcement at the school today.

After looking through the summary of the investigation, this appears to be a large misunderstanding. This is a good reminder that what you post on social media can be impactful, but it also has flaws. What you say and post can be easily misinterpreted.

We appreciate the individual who sent in the SafeUt Tip and continue to ask students and parents that when you see something, say something.
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Leadership Matters - Emergency Drills

While there are many aspects of school safety, I’d like to focus this article on the importance of emergency drills. Such drills help create predictability and help students, staff, and emergency responders better coordinate their responses. Simulating real events also puts emergency plans and equipment to the test, giving schools a chance to work through any unforeseen complications. When it comes to performing these drills, practice makes perfect.
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Utah Aerospace Pathways Program to Expand in Tooele

Utah Aerospace Pathways provides Utah students the opportunity to graduate high school with a certificate in aerospace manufacturing and begin an aerospace manufacturing career. Students engage in externships with participating aerospace companies where students participate in a hands-on externship with industry experts. This unique collaboration between education and industry not only educates students but helps fill opportunities for talented workers in the aerospace industry.
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School Safety – A top priority with many facets

In the last five years, Tooele County School District spent $1.42 million on safety and security upgrades at schools across the county. For the 2019-2020 fiscal year, another half-million has been budgeted out of the capital outlay budget for security enhancements.
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