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Leadership Matters - Volunteers Are Essential

In 1974 President Richard Nixon signed an executive order declaring a week dedicated to those who charitably give their time. He said volunteerism was “one of the hallmarks of American life,” and urged “all Americans to observe that week by seeking out an area in their community in which they can give to a needy individual or worthy cause by devoting a few hours, or more, to volunteer service." Since then, all U.S. presidents have renewed the pledge.


Volunteers are indispensable not only for our schools, but also for our society as a whole.


So, what do these volunteers bestow voluntarily? I would say the two major things are time and dedication. At Rose Springs Elementary and throughout the District, we have many parents, grandparents, and community members who volunteer their time in a variety of ways. Some volunteers physically come to our schools, while others volunteer their time outside of the school helping students and teachers in whatever ways they can. Such volunteers are dedicated to the work they are doing.


In public education, volunteers are essential. We need people who undertake a service with no thought of remuneration. In our District, volunteers help in many ways, such as:

  • Sit and listen to a student that struggles to read
  • Use flashcards to help students learn their multiplication facts
  • Run extracurricular programs to increase student engagement at school
  • Join and participate in organizations such as the Parent Teacher Association
  • Spend evenings working on homework with their children

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, I encourage you to find ways to help at your local school. Whether at an elementary or secondary level, I guarantee your help will be well-received and appreciated. I also guarantee you will feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness as you volunteer.


For ideas on how you can volunteer in your local schools read the Kids Health article, “Getting Involved at Your Child’s School,”


Whether through the school district or the community, volunteers do amazing work and deserve our recognition. I want to express my sincere appreciation for the people and causes that inspire us to serve, recognizing and thanking volunteers who lend their time, talent and voice to make a difference in our community.


Principal Andy Peterson

Rose Springs Elementary